What Results Can You Earn from Best Company's Review Solicitation?

What Results Can You Earn from Best Company's Review Solicitation?

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Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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Best Company’s review solicitation program, BestReviews, launched in the beginning of 2017. Since then, we’ve helped companies gather thousands of reviews across our listed industries.

So what is BestReviews, and how has it transformed both Best Company and the businesses featured on our platform? Data from our BestReviews whitepaper presents significant findings that point to a bright future of reputation management.

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What BestReviews Is

BestReviews is a service offered to Business Suite subscribers on Best Company. BestReviews is completely free, but paid subscribers can enjoy a higher volume and more options for solicitation.

A Business Suite user sends our Reviews Team a list of verified customers to reach out to and gather their reviews to be published on BestCompany.com.

BestReviews instructable

Free users can submit an unlimited number of customers to solicit for reviews via email, while Basic and Pro subscribers have access to phone solicitation options.

  Free Basic Pro
Custom Review Form Yes Yes Yes
Email Review Invitations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Review Invitations None 500 per month 1,500 per month

What BestReviews Isn’t

Unlike the services offered by some freelancers and reputation management companies, BestReviews is a reputable method of review generation. BestReviews doesn’t rely on incentivizing customers or paying for reviews. 

Instead, our Reviews Team reaches out only to customers who have interacted with the company for honest feedback.

Because of this, customers and businesses benefit from BestReviews’ review solicitation. 

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BestReviews’ Results

We analyzed how reviews gathered through BestReviews differ from the organic reviews submitted to BestCompany.com and reviews submitted to other platforms. The findings are encouraging.

Higher Response Rates

BestReviews converts at an average of 14.4 percent, compared to other leading review platforms with review solicitation converting at 11 percent.

14.4% response rate

This extra edge is due in part to our dual phone-and-email program. Using both channels increases the likelihood we’ll be able to get ahold of a customer for feedback.

We constantly A/B test our review solicitation to find the best methods of gathering reviews with the highest rates of conversion.

Higher Rankings

In general, most online reviews are positive. But negative reviews are more vocal.

Negative customers are quicker to leave a review organically. Meanwhile, you have dozens of customers with a positive experience that never offered feedback. BestReviews gives you a chance to reach out to all customers and find more of the hidden gems that never left a review.

BestReviews ratings average 4.5 stars. Other sources average 3.3 stars.

You’ll still receive some negative reviews; that’s healthy for review readers and your business. But with BestReviews, the spread of customer sentiment trends positive.

BestReviews responses are 81% positive. Other sources are 62% responsive.

Higher Volume of Reviews

If you take your reputation seriously, it shows. Companies using BestReviews have 8.5 times more reviews than those that don’t on BestCompany.com.

BestReviews 8.5 times more volume.

If you aren’t gathering reviews, you can miss out on reviewers who would be happy to share their experience. It’s important to ask every customer how they feel about your product.

Gather Reviews and Manage Your Reputation

Learn how Best Company Business Suite can empower you to build an online reputation with real feedback from your customers.

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