Introducing the Social Proof Pop-Up: Why It Works

Introducing the Social Proof Pop-Up: Why It Works

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Written by: Rochelle Burnside | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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Ninety-two percent of consumers trust recommendations, even if they’re from people they don’t know.

That’s why we’ve introduced a Social Proof Pop-Up for Business Suite customers to showcase their positive reviews.

The Social Proof Pop-Up is a small snippet of HTML that won’t alter the layout of your website. Instead, after four seconds on your page, a pop-up appears letting the user see your most recent positive review. The pop-up can easily be closed and contains no linkouts to Best Company, so customers can stay on your page.

Social Proof Pop-up

This type of pop-up may seem familiar. Many ecommerce websites feature a similar pop-up showcasing a recent sale. For example, if you scroll through an ecommerce site, a pop-up might appear in the corner saying, “Chris from Little Rock, AR bought a Thermal Sleeping Bag” to prove to other shoppers that people are buying products in real-time.

This creates a FOMO effect that entices users to also buy something, particularly if a company advertises limited stock.

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Some of these tools boast conversions boosted by up to 15 percent! 

But here’s why a review pop-up can work even better than an ecommerce sales pop-up:

  • Not every company is an ecommerce business. Obviously you can’t use a recent sales pop-up if you aren’t selling through product listings online. Maybe your business requires customized quotes that can only be delivered through your sales team, or maybe your products can’t be added to an online basket.
  • Recent sales pop-ups show customers buying your product, but a review pop-up shows customers liking your product. Customers who write a review have spent more time with your product than those completing a purchase, making a review more concrete social proof.
  • Researching reviews is an essential step for many buyers before purchasing. Nine out of ten customers read reviews before they buy. The more positive ratings and sentiment you can get in front of them while they’re doing their research, the better. This pop-up creates a foundation for a new customer's impression of your company.
  • This pop-up contains no linkouts. Many social proof plugins will link to the tool that’s being used, which distracts users and pulls them away from your site.
  • The details are right there when you click. Instead of linking out to BestCompany.com, when you click the review, you get the first few lines of feedback. This feels more believable than a sale or a five-star rating with no context.

A few lines of the review appear

The Social Proof Pop-Up is one of several review widgets we offer to Business Suite subscribers. It can work in conjunction with our Slider Widget or even our Micro Review Widget to build signals of trust for your site’s visitors.

Slider widget
Slider review widget.

Micro Review Widget
Micro review widget.

You can also implement our Best Company badges alongside other awards and accolades to build more social proof:

BC Badge for Top 10 Company

If you’re interested in learning more about the social proof pop-up or have feedback, speak with your growth consultant and let them know.

If you don’t have a Best Company Business Suite account, schedule a demo to learn more about our widgets and how we help companies manage their online reputations.

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