How to Accelerate Your Company Profile

How to Accelerate Your Company Profile

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Written by: Randy Carothers | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2021

So you've got a company profile on Bestcompany.com. . . now what?

When starting from zero, improving your online profile, review count, average star rating, and rank can feel like a daunting task. In fact, starting from zero has its advantages. Pushing through the ranks and establishing your brand's placement in the industry can be quick and easy if you follow some primary guidelines.

But your online profile is only as good as the information on it. And the quality of your brand is only as good as your customers' opinion of it. Let's take a look at how one company, Moxie Solar, maximized its company profile.

Moxie Solar's path to success

Moxie Solar jumped onto the scene late spring of 2020. Much of the company's success on the platform today is owed to its commitment and vision. From day one, Moxie Solar's focus was getting things moving quickly — and the company has been extremely successful.

On May 11th 2020, Moxie Solar had a 4.2 average star rating and an overall score of 2.3.

Moxie didn't let up, and the results were evident. After the initial push, Moxie continued to submit a new list of names about every four to eight weeks for review campaigns.

These lists were then contacted via phone, email, or text by our Best Company Review team. After reviews were gathered and verified, they would periodically appear on the Moxie company profile.

Nearly six months later, Moxie's overall score rose from 2.3 to 8.2. And the company collected more than 500 reviews while maintaining a higher star rating than many of its competitors.

The pattern of success worked, and Moxie has shown no sign of letting up. Today the company has more than 750 qualified reviews with an average star rating of 4.3, and Moxie now ranks among the top 10 solar companies in the nation.

How did Moxie do it?

Moxie's success can be attributed to following some basic steps that will help companies obtain reviews and start ranking quickly.

Step 1: Set up the profile


















Moxie valued its company profile and knew it needed to look good and have quality content to match the brand.

After signing up with Business Suite, the company immediately began adding featured reviews, descriptions, photos, and company badges.

Moxie understood the positive impact third-party accreditation could have on prospects. The company uploaded video reviews to highlight its brand in the words of customers.

Step 2: Collect names for solicitation






Harvesting quality reviews isn't possible without lots of positive customer experiences. To rank well, your review average needs to reflect the quality of your brand in a positive way. If there isn't a sizable list of happy customers to submit, curating reviews is going to be difficult.

A good amount of data suggests customers tend to leave a review when they had either a really good experience or a terrible one. Also, only about 1 out of every 10 customers is willing to leave reviews, although the conversion rate for reviews varies within different industries and brands.

Step 3: Submit review campaigns often











You might think this step goes without saying. It's no surprise that companies that don't submit review campaigns often don't get results. It's not enough to submit a customer list once or twice per year.

When submitting a review campaign, you are able to choose between phone call, text message, or email solicitations. Different methods have better conversion rates depending on the product and the market demographics.

Once a campaign is submitted, our review team does the rest. We'll begin reaching out with multiple attempts for each name on the list. Once reviews are submitted, the review team qualifies the reviews to make sure they are from legitimate customers.

Submitting reviews monthly is typically best. Mix it up a little by alternating between phone and text reviews, etc. Submitting two campaigns simultaneously, e.g., phone and emails, also helps bring in more reviews.

Step 4: Engage with your customers

Companies that are responsive to reviews build trust capital with their consumers. The Best Company ranking system will reward engagement. Customers like to see a real person interacting with them when they take the time to write a review. It's not necessary to respond to every review, but you should establish a practice of promptly responding to both positive and negative reviews. It's best if your responses are genuine and not systematic.

Moxie engages with customers who leave reviews 84% of the time. That vast majority of the responses are not towards customers leaving negative reviews, but if a customer of Moxie does have a poor experience, you can bet they will be responding.

Rank and reviews matter

Your company rank is drawn by comparing your overall score against other companies.












Your overall score is primarily made up of these things:

  1. Average review rating
  2. Review count
  3. Recent activity
  4. Responding to reviews

For a company to rank well, it has to be considered positively in the minds of customers. Companies earn this distinction by taking the time to respond and engage with customers. Best Company awards companies with higher rankings with badges that can be displayed on their websites and shared on social media.

Higher ranked profiles get more visits to their profile page or website. Your rank (placement) will be visible on industry pages within Best Company.

Additionally, because Best Company ranks well organically on Google, industry homepages are often discovered alongside specific brands — even when specific brands are searched.


Reviews are the primary reason customers visit Best Company. Industry insight suggests that when customers consider multiple brands with similar overall scores, they rely on review count, and review scores as the primary consideration.

Reviews act as individual pieces of content for each profile. More content means better SEO and search engine results.

The bottom line

Moxie Solar is in good company; today, over 600 solar companies nationwide are using Best Company.

Here's how your business can get the most out of what Best Company has to offer: 

  1. Build out a quality profile page so consumers can experience the quality of your brand.
  2. Collect a list of satisfied customers and solicit theirs insights with review campaigns.
  3. Run review campaigns to sizeable groups often, about every month or so.
  4. Engage and respond to reviews on the platform.

Adherence to these guidelines will bring in quality reviews, boost your overall score (rank), increase discoverability with your brand, and provide you with tools to positively market the reputation of your brand.

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